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Servicing South Florida Condominium towers!


Cleannapp is a company designed primarily to give our clients a better way of living life. South Florida could be a very stressing place to live in because sometimes you cant even get daily tasks done due to traffic, amount of people in line, distances between places etc. The hours the day has are not enough for us to even get things done or share the time wanted with family and love ones. Cleannapp was developed just for that, giving clients the opportunity to have more free time in there hands to expend with the family, love ones, hobbies, exercise, or just finish the brought home work. We have also created affordable plans that would reachable to any house hold and we have focus on great service and allowing us to make money on the long run with client volume. Word of mouth is the best way of advertisement in our believe, the reason why we take pride when it comes to hiring our staff.

Do you imagine coming home after a stressful long day of work and having no house shores to complete? amazing, Cleannapp can make that wish come true.

“I could not explain how helpful Cleannapp has become to my life. Being a single mother for two, its not easy but now thanks to Cleannapp I have more time to help my kids with there homework and be more attentive of them.”


Lisa, Brickell

“We finally found a service that we can afford, that we love and come home to a clean apartment to just rest or watch movies.”


Mary & Andrew, Miami Beach

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